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Auckland & Wellington DevOps Engineer Jobs

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The ever-increasing use of new technology systems by New Zealand businesses has given rise to a myriad of DevOps Engineer jobs. These opportunities have gained importance within IT teams as they are the link between software developers, system operators and other IT employees to drive software code releases. Auckland and Wellington DevOps Engineer jobs ask that candidates can manage the IT infrastructure that is required to support software code in multi-tenant or hybrid cloud settings. DevOps is attained through tolls, processes and automation as well as cultural change. A DevOps engineer is a fundamental proponent of that.

Nature of Work

A key element of DevOps is continuous integration, continuous testing and continuous delivery. The tasks associated with DevOps Engineer jobs generally relate to the CI/CD as well as the automated and can include:

  • Testing software, analysing outcomes and troubleshooting issues and reporting back to stakeholders and senior management.
  • Managing and maintaining the infrastructure to ensure it is being utilised optimally with paramount site reliability.
  • Directing software releases on operating systems and production infrastructure.
  • Changing business processes to solve issues and augment business outcomes.
  • Communicating and collaborating with other business and IT teams.

Job Qualifications

Businesses in New Zealand tend to give preference for their DevOps jobs to those candidates armed with an IT-related degree such as in computer science, computer engineering, software engineering or a similar field. Extending knowledge through services such as Linux Academy and Amazon Web Services can result in a favourable outcome with potential employers. Vocational experience in Windows Azure, HP Cloud and the like, as well as Puppet, Chef or Ansible are also beneficial.

Professional Development

DevOps is a burgeoning proponent of the IT industry and there are numerous opportunities to grow within the sector itself. Some choose to move further into more senior roles such as a Solutions Leader or DevOps Manager. With continuous experience and protracted tenure, many can segue into senior IT management positions even up to CTO.

To find out more about our Auckland and Wellington DevOps jobs and how to accelerate career growth, speak to one of our specialists.

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