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Auckland & Wellington IT Architect Jobs

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The digitised industry in New Zealand is booming and with it are demands for roles like IT Architects. Also referred to as a Network Architect, Solution Architect or Infrastructure Architect, a career as an IT Architect focuses on evaluating a business’s IT needs in order to develop computer systems aimed at optimising performance and streamlining operations.

Nature of Work

All the Auckland and Wellington IT Architect jobs enlist some or all of the ensuing responsibilities:

  • Designing and maintaining the IT systems utilised by the business.
  • Developing and implementing SOA so that users are well aligned with the technology.
  • Evaluating if a new computing system is appropriate and if it can be supported.
  • Identifying budgetary requirements that can include costs associated with upgrading applications or switching networks.
  • Communicating effectively with all arms of the IT department, given that they are the bridge between the project managers, the application architects, network specialists as well as the systems and network engineers.
  • Ensuring systems knowledge is current and MCM, MCA, MCSM or Cisco certification is utilized.
  • Designing the blueprint for the new IT system structure.
  • Managing a team of specialists to create and build the IT systems required by the business.
  • Organising training for stakeholders and users as well as developing training manuals to ensure fluid roll-out of new technologies.

Job Qualifications

Preparing for entry into an IT Architect role firstly requires a tertiary qualification in an IT-related field such as computer science, systems engineering or IT engineering to name a few. Some employers also consider candidates with business qualifications who have had an extensive career in the IT industry. Successful applicants often have worked in the IT industry for 10+ years in other roles including having some tenure in a senior role, such as an IT Team Leader or Senior Systems Engineer.

IT Architects, Network Architects or Solutions Architects can also benefit from attaining additional certifications offered by companies like Microsoft (MCM, MCA or MCSM certification courses) and Cisco Systems, which focus training on operating systems, routers, servers and other applications. TOGAF certification is also highly recognised in New Zealand. These are often demanded by those hiring for Auckland and Wellington IT Architect jobs.

Professional Development

Many IT Architects aspire to even more senior roles like Project Manager, Product Manager or even a career as a CIO. There is a less technical focus in these roles and more emphasis on the business as a whole. So further qualifications in business, such as an MBA will be held in good stead for moving onwards.

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