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Auckland & Wellington Network Engineer Jobs

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Businesses in New Zealand need to have a network infrastructure that is readily available, and one that will provide optimum performance for their users like staff, clients or suppliers. A Network Engineering job opportunity entails implementing, maintaining, designing and developing the communication networks which these businesses heavily rely on. These networks can include computer, voice or firewalls and there are many types, with LANs, WANs and VoIP just to name a few. Auckland and Wellington Network Engineer jobs are prevalent in a multitude of organisations with sophisticated IT systems. For example, financial and banking institutes, retail groups or government departments.

Nature of Work

Responsibilities of a Network Engineer are varied and often influenced by the sector or size of the employer. Some tasks can include:

  • Design and implementation of new network solutions such as LANs, WANs, VoIP, extranets, intranet and more.
  • Utilising network solutions and products to enhance performance such as those provided by Juniper, F5 or Cisco.
  • Enhancing network performance through audits, trouble-shooting problems and scheduling upgrades as well as the pertinent Protocols and load balancers.
  • Working with network architects to strategise ways to optimise performance.
  • Administration of firewalls to ensure alignment with IT security policies.
  • Undertaking network investigations to delineate any faults in LAN and WAN environments.
  • Liaising with a plethora of stakeholders, including engineering, service desks and project management teams.
  • Astute with next-generation technologies and gaining relevant certifications such as CCNA.

Job Qualifications

Generally, Network Engineering roles are available to all graduates, however, a degree in the following areas is highly regarded by prospective employers: Computer science, software/computer engineering, computer networks, information technology, electrical engineering or mathematics.  

The diversity of the industries in New Zealand advertising Network Engineering jobs can encompass banking and finance, telecommunications, government and more. This means that once experienced, Network Engineers can choose to be an expert in their field. Certifications fortify the role and programs such as the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification) provide the extra training so often required. 

Professional Development

This is a dynamic industry advancing at a rapid rate. Those who make training a staple of their career development can flourish into a more senior role. Tenures in IT Project Management, Senior Network Engineering, Information Technology Manager or even Chief Information Officer are possible.

If you’re seeking your next Auckland and Wellington Network Engineer job opportunity, call our expert teams today. 

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