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Auckland & Wellington Product Manager Jobs

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To be successful in a Product Manager role, employers in New Zealand look for candidates who have knowledge of their business, data analysis, marketing as well as the technology that supports it. The position focuses mainly on the users of the product in the form of product marketing, or on the creation of the product itself, namely product development. A successful Product Manager will ensure that the product is being created efficiently and that the users essentially get what they want.  

Nature of Work

The Product Manager or CEO of the Product role encompasses many daily responsibilities, some of which include:

  • Managing the overall success of the product from product development to market delivery.
  • Creating a product strategy and vision whilst adhering to budgets.
  • Collecting, analysing and responding to feedback given by users.
  • Implementing roadmaps and timelines for developing and marketing a product.
  • Researching competitor products and markets.
  • Establishing marketing campaigns.
  • Gathering, evaluating and presenting ideas to stakeholders.

Job Qualifications

Although there are no formal qualifications required for the position of a Product Manager, most employers will prefer candidates with some sort of relevant degree. If the emphasis of the work is product development, then a degree pertaining to their industry will be highly regarded. However, should the focus be on product marketing, then a degree in marketing will be seen favourably. A business-related degree will also serve as a good entry point for all Auckland and Wellington Product Manager jobs.

Professional Development

Once experienced, Product Managers may move into a Senior Product Manager role and manage product teams. Tenures beyond ten years can lead into more executive careers such as Chief Marketing Manager or even Operations Manager just to name a few.

We can help find the ideal Product Manager role that will elevate your career. Call us today and find out about our Auckland and Wellington Product Manager jobs. 

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