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Auckland & Wellington Programme Manager Jobs

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Many organizations in New Zealand are tackling the challenges of delivering complex software elements, new and changed business models and generally dealing with organisational restructure and revised capabilities. These efforts encompass a myriad of parallel projects and multiple strategies to ensure success and alignment. The person who has the role of overseeing all these IT projects from concept to project delivery is the Programme Manager. Unlike Project Managers, they have a broader scope, focusing on a range of actions to achieve an organization’s overall outcome as opposed to running single initiatives. They often utilise the waterfall model as well as agile methodologies to achieve objectives. Most Auckland and Wellington Programme Manager jobs require a certain amount of technical skill, but the emphasis is on business acumen and management abilities in the position as a whole.

Nature of Work

Most Programme Manager jobs in New Zealand consist of multi-faceted responsibilities and can include:

  • Overseeing and directing a team of information system professionals including Project Managers, Software Developers, Programmers, Agile teams and Systems Engineers to name a few.
  • Planning and implementing all projects as well as the entire programme.
  • Establishing budgets for the programme and ensuring adherence.
  • Maintaining relationships with key stakeholders who influence the projects.
  • Setting the vision, goals and objectives for an organisation’s IT aspirations.

Job Qualifications

To embark on the journey to the position of Programme Manager, a bachelor’s degree in computer science, management information systems or other IT-related field will provide a solid foundation. An MBA in IT Management will also be highly regarded as will a Prince2 or PMP certification.

Most employers offering Programme Manager jobs seek candidates who already have had extensive management experience with successful delivery of outcomes, for example they have been in a role such as a Senior Project Manager, IT Manager, Software Developer Manager and others.  Programme Managers can expect the demand for their positions to increase, given the combination of their technical and management skills.

Professional Development

As a successful Programme Manager, there are opportunities to seek positions at even higher executive levels. With a portfolio of well-planned and well-completed programmes, many attain roles such as a CIO or CTO. Others offer consulting services to larger organizations or even government bodies.

If you’re looking to cultivate your career further, contact us today to discuss one of our Auckland and Wellington Programme Manager jobs.  

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