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Auckland & Wellington Scrum Master Jobs

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The main proponent of a Scrum Master job is to lead and coach Agile Teams within a business whilst playing a pivotal role in cultivating a high-performance environment with continuous improvement. The primary emphasis for the position of a Scrum Master is to ensure goals are achieved and impediments are duly resolved within the Agile Team. The greatest challenge is to ensure that a project is working fluidly and every member has the pertinent tools to complete work efficiently and be part of the Scrum ethos of self-managing teams. A career in a Scrum Master job means having knowledge of several Agile approaches like Kanban, Crystal, FDD or XP. With New Zealand’s IT industry growing exponentially, there has been an increased need for Scrum Master candidates who can demonstrate Agile experience, Scrum methodology implementation as well as stakeholder management.

Nature of Work

Auckland and Wellington Scrum Master jobs are dynamic and entail diverse tasks but all adhere to the ScrumXP and SAFe framework. Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Coaching and leading Agile Teams by applying Scrum principles often acquired via gaining PSM or CSM certification.
  • Reinforcing rules of Scrum, as well as other process rules agreed to by team.
  • Facilitating the team’s attainment of goals and milestones within the project and seen as a Servant Leader within the Scrum methodology.
  • Eliminating obstacles that arise so that the team can continue to focus on project delivery.
  • Promoting Safe quality practices to ensure the quality of deliverables is optimised.
  • Communicating with management and stakeholders to help protect and support Agile Teams from extraneous factors or higher injections of work.
  • Implementing continuous delivery and other technical practices.

Job Qualifications

Most employers seek Scrum Masters already well versed in a career within the IT industry or have some form of experience managing teams.

Scrum Master job certification is highly regarded and can be usually completed in two days with an accredited Scrum course provider. Choose programs accredited by, such as the PSM (Professional Scrum Master) or CSM (Certified Scrum Master) course. These are particularly suitable for participants in Scrum projects such as programmers, architects, analysts and project managers.

Professional Development

A career as a Scrum Master can enable a candidate to move positions laterally from one industry to another, depending where the demand for such skills are. Once experienced and armed with a portfolio of successful projects, Scrum Masters can continue into Project Management or even up to more Senior Management roles.

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