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Auckland & Wellington Security Specialist Jobs

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Businesses need to protect their IT infrastructure and sensitive information from various hacking sites or cyber-criminals. Cyberattacks such as the Wannacry ransomware attack in May 2017 infected over 200,000 computers in over 150 countries. The position of a Security Specialist is to prevent such attacks from happening to the business. The main focus of Security Specialist jobs is to implement security processes and monitor the employer’s IT security platform to maximise resistance to breaches.

Nature of Work

Auckland and Wellington Security Specialist jobs encompass various tasks and can include:

  • Understanding and evaluating the risks associated with the security of information and data.
  • Monitoring internet usage by employees and managing their access.
  • Designing and deploying security policies as well as enforcing them.
  • Ascertaining if there have been security breaches and managing them, often with law enforcement agencies.
  • Establishing the most suitable software and hardware for the business.

Job Qualifications

The position of a Security Specialist can be gained without necessarily having a degree but by starting as an entry level IT employee in a career such as a help-desk analyst and working up to the desired role. However, many employers in New Zealand are now asking for recent entrants to be graduates from an IT-related qualification such as a degree in computer science, forensic computing, mathematics, network engineering and others.

Gaining industry related certification will also place candidates in good stead for one of the many Security Specialist jobs. For example, undertaking the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) will be held in high regard as will Cisco certification.

Professional Development

With continuous certification and training to keep up to date with latest security IT infrastructure coupled with experience, Security Specialists can progress into a senior career as a Security Manager, Security Engineer or even Security Architect.

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