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Auckland & Wellington Software Developer Manager Jobs

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As New Zealand businesses embrace more technologies to enhance their efficiencies and productivity, the demand for Software Developer Manager roles has also escalated. Entry into this role can be challenging, multi-faceted and yet rewarding. Essentially, Software Developer Managers direct the design and development of software applications. They manage the work of software engineers to secure best practice software development for the organisation. Many are savvy with programming networks such as .net as well as languages like Java.

Nature of Work

Auckland and Wellington Software Developer Manager jobs encompass many tasks and can include:

  • Analysing and developing software enhancements during the lifecycle of the project.
  • Conceiving new software development and taking it through to completion.
  • Modifying and designing programs to align with business goals.
  • Managing and guiding a team of software engineers and evaluating their performance.
  • Establishing department goals, expectations and organising staff training.
  • Implementing testing programs for quality assurance of new software systems.

Job Qualifications

Typically for Software Developer Manager roles, employers require a bachelors degree in any field within IT, such as computer science, computer engineering or software engineering. Often, to get this opportunity, a candidate needs in-depth knowledge of department processes with about 5 years experience as a contributor. Those with supervisory experience in the area are also highly regarded. 

Professional Development

As an experienced Software Developer Manager, there may be an opportunity to segue into a more senior role within IT-related fields, such as a Senior Systems Engineer, Senior Software Developer Manager, IT Project Manager or even CIO.

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