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Auckland & Wellington Systems Engineer Jobs

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Most businesses in New Zealand have a host of networks and technological systems which underpin the efficiency and productivity of that business. A Systems Engineering job takes an interdisciplinary approach to designing and building such complex systems. Once in the role, a Systems Engineer collaborates with users to plan, design, deploy and evaluate systems services. They are often proficient with various operating systems including Unix, AIX or Linux as well as software products such as those provided by Citrix, Commvault or NetApp. There is an emphasis in the job on ensuring the success of each project with multiple stakeholders and that the needs of the end-users are met during the entire life cycle, from concept to completion.

Nature of Work

Daily tasks of a Systems Engineer in New Zealand can include:

  • Identifying deficiencies and limitations in current systems and associated procedures.
  • Evaluating and documenting ICT user’s requirements.
  • Offering advice and expertise when developing systems and strategies as well as server builds.
  • Constant testing of hardware and software systems to debug and rectify issues.
  • Designing and developing new network and systems services to business specifications.
  • Writing diagnostic programs and code for operating systems and software.
  • Keeping abreast of current technologies and gaining certifications such as MCSE or VMWare.

Job Qualifications

Taking advantage of an Auckland and Wellington Systems Engineer opportunity usually depends on a computer related degree such as a Bachelor of Computer Science, Information Technology, Computer Programming or Systems Engineering. To be an even more covetous candidate, certification in recognisable programs will be seen favourably. For example, becoming a MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) is one of the most recognisable as is VMWare.

Professional Development

The diversity of the application areas, which can encompass software systems, banking and financial systems or even power or robotic industries, means that once experienced, a Systems Engineer can choose to be an expert in their field. Alternatively, career growth could find opportunities as a Senior Systems Engineer, Solutions Architect, Project Manager in IT or even Chief Information Officer (CIO).

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