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Salesforce Skills in New Zealand Are in Higher Demand Than Ever Before

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.By now, most people have heard of the skills shortage New Zealand is facing and of how welcoming New Zealanders are to new immigrants.

New Zealand is a stunningly beautiful multi-cultural utopia at the end of the world.

What many have also already heard is that immigration is now tightening which will inevitably put further restraint on the skills New Zealand businesses require by shortening the labor supply and forcing businesses to shift their focus to retaining staff which could make it extremely challenging to continue to expand a growing business. 

Salesforce practices are already highly constrained with the talent available in the New Zealand market today. With 3-4 major players in the market and several rapidly growing smaller practices in the New Zealand partner community that require new talent to continue to grow and flourish, New Zealand is SCREAMING OUT for senior qualified Salesforce professionals to support the rapidly growing end-user client base and increasingly complex projects. It’s estimated there are only around 130-140 qualified professionals in the NZ Salesforce partner community. There are just two Certified Technical Architects at present and the demand for these skills is overwhelming. This space is growing and the New Zealand economy is resilient and booming.

Apply for any of the following and you will be contacted and matched with suitable opportunities. Have a Skype chat with one of our Consultants and get all your remaining questions answered. We are looking for experienced, qualified professionals.

There’s huge incentive for NZ employers to bring in professionals from overseas. Accenture is a Salesforce leader globally with over 400,000 employees and ongoing projects with over 80% of the Fortune 500, and governments around the globe. Daniel Lund, Head of Cloud First at Accenture in Auckland, comments that:

“Salesforce has been very successful in New Zealand. The market is booming and it is also at an inflection point as large companies are looking to get more out of Salesforce as an enterprise solution. This is where we can add a lot of value and Accenture’s Salesforce team in NZ is growing quickly as a result. We are attracting talent from around the world as people see the adventure of growing something new in NZ, transforming the market here for cloud applications, whilst being part of a great global brand with all the capability that brings. There is also the attraction of NZ with its beautiful outdoors, great standard of living, and work-life balance. What is not to like?” 

Accenture in Auckland enjoys one of the most stunning views the city has to offer.

Life in New Zealand

If you’re an overseas Salesforce professional and considering moving to New Zealand, there is a lot on offer to you:

  • Endless Beauty: New Zealand is made up of some of the world’s most amazing landscapes, with vast mountain ranges, sweeping coastlines, too many waterfalls to count, and so much more.

  • Unbeatable Lifestyle: New Zealand has consistently topped the rest of the world on the World Wide Prosperity Index, ahead of Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Canada and Australia.

  • Work-life Balance: Flexible work options and glide times allow you to enjoy a strong work-life balance, something highly valued by New Zealanders

  • Professional Development: Employers are offering attractive packages with extensive professional development including Salesforce certifications, on-the-job training, formal training, informal training, workshops, training around the development of soft skills and more.

  • Safe, Happy and Healthy: It’s a great place to raise kids.

  • A Natural Playground: Adventure, skiing, snowboarding, sandboarding, biking, camping, hiking, bungy, kayaking, surfing, parasailing, and more!

If you’re a Salesforce professional interested in a career in New Zealand, please apply to the above-listed positions.

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