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Ben Pearson on Using a Recruiter as an Older Worker

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Ben Pearson, our General Manager for Wellington and Director, was recently featured on one of the UK’s top podcasts for jobseekers – The Redundancy Podcast – speaking with Dave Watts about using a recruitment agency as an older worker. It may not always seem like the most obvious match at first, but there can be plenty of unexpected and exciting benefits.

As Ben discusses in the podcast, most recruitment agencies focus on filling the types of roles that companies are unable to fill themselves, including higher-level and specialist positions, which makes us a great fit for workers who have many years of experience already under their belts.

Ben highlights the value of crafting a clear, easy-to-read CV and applying for roles that suit your experience to increase your chances of landing your ideal opportunity. He also clears up a common misconception about the cost of using a recruiter, explaining that they do not charge candidates for helping to match them into jobs, so there is no financial investment.

At the end of the day, if a role is available on the website, it means that the company is very motivated to find the right fit for the position, regardless of age. That means if you’re on our radar, we can not only put you forward but also recommend you for other suitable roles – along with providing impartial market information and salary advice.


Click here to listen to this great job search podcast and hear more from Ben on finding employment as an older worker, get his advice on best practices for job searching and learn how partnering with a recruitment agency can really make a world of difference.

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