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The Vital Role of the Professional Admin Team in Your Organisation

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Though they are often found working quietly behind the scenes, few are tied as closely to every facet of a company’s operations as the professional admin team – and the valuable role they play within a business cannot be overstated. From Administrators and Receptionists to National Corporate Support, the admin team is credited with ensuring the cogs in the wheel are well oiled and they are driving efficiencies across the entire organisation. 

The Vital Role of the Professional Admin Team in Your OrganisationDepending on the size of the organisation, these key team members juggle multiple requests, issues, efficiencies and processes from varying angles at any given time. It is crucial that the professional admin team takes pride in their work and delivers excellent customer service internally, which in turn supports client-facing staff to deliver an equivalent level of customer service to their external clients.

Here at Beyond Recruitment, for example, our admin team handles a diverse range of requests and tasks from stakeholders, managers, client managers and recruitment specialists on a daily basis, as well as working closely with the Finance and Shared Services teams. They are essential to promoting collaboration across the entire business and work closely together to assist in delivering a seamless service to our clients and candidates, making them key to helping us maintain a great customer experience. And with their incredible in-depth knowledge of our database, they are also the first port of call if people have questions or issues.

The Makings of a Superstar Admin Professional 

Whether it is our own team or the amazing candidates we place in Corporate Support roles throughout New Zealand, we have plenty of first-hand experience with the impact these people can have on their organisations and we know a thing or two about what makes a great admin.

Part of what drives excellence within any professional admin team is each individual’s genuine desire to serve, deliver customer empathy and provide an unforgettable experience. They need to continually look for ways to create efficiencies and streamline processes. As administrators, they are often the ‘go to’ person, and as such, they need to be able to solve a variety of issues and apply critical thinking to field the endless questions that they are faced with.

When it comes to what it takes to succeed, superstar admin professionals invariably have several important qualities in common:

  • Attention to detail – This is essential for ensuring accurate information is entered into documentation, and is even more important when producing legal contracts.
  • Confidence, reliability and approachability – Responding to requests in a friendly and efficient manner enables others in the business to delegate tasks and get on with what is important in their day.
  • Flexibility and adaptability – Nothing stands still and processes are always evolving, so being able to adapt to the changing needs of the business is vital.
  • A commitment to adding value – Admin professionals who continuously drive more efficiencies, productivity and excellence help the business to keep moving forward and become the best in the market.
                Qualities of a Superstar Admin Professional

Showing Appreciation for Your Admin Team

So, the next time you pass by your friendly admin team, show your appreciation for all they do to help your working day. They are a vital element of the organisation, and beneath their calm, capable exteriors, we often have no idea how hard they are paddling beneath the surface to ensure smooth workflows, predict problems and find solutions. At the end of the day, their contribution helps you deliver the level of service that is expected by your customers!

Let’s celebrate the value of our admin teams, not just on Administrative Professionals Day, but every day! If you’re looking for ways to show your gratitude to the administrative professionals in your life, here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Public recognition – This could be in the team meeting, over email or the internal chat app, or on social media.
  • A personal thank you – A kind word or message can go a long way, especially if it’s personalised to the individual.
  • Gifts and perks – A gift card, the flexibility to take some time off or even a team lunch are great ways to remind your admin team how much they are appreciated.
  • Professional development – Offering training, online courses, professional challenges and other opportunities for career growth will show that you value their skills and want to invest in them for the long term.

If you’re an admin professional yourself, we’d like to take this opportunity to say thanks for all the effort and dedication you put into your work – it doesn’t go unnoticed and truly makes a difference.

Do you have a story you’d like to share about the admin professionals in your team or the work you do in your own Corporate Support job? We’d love to hear about it, so feel free to reach out!

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