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Top Tips for Candidates Working with Temp Recruiters

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​Having worked in the recruitment industry for decades, we have partnered with a lot of job seekers looking for temporary jobs. It’s surprising just how much scope there is for temp candidates who present themselves well and articulate what they are looking to achieve in their career goals.

On the flip side, some behaviours can result in lost opportunities for candidates in the short and long term – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Here are some tips you might find useful as you venture into the temp job market.

Tips for Better Search Outcomes

When looking for new opportunities, it’s helpful to think about how you are going to introduce yourself and present your skills and experience to your recruiter. Some areas to think about are:

  • Identify yourself – Communicate clearly who you are, the type of role you are looking for and your preferred location for work.

  • Be contactable – Provide at least three options for communication so we can get in touch immediately when an opportunity comes along (e.g. mobile, email and LinkedIn).

  • Be accessible – Specify preferred times when you can be contacted and be ready to answer your phone.

  • Remain relevant – Use your CV as a chance to show off your skills and expertise, specifically related to the roles you seek. You can also include a summary of other transferable skills.

  • Showcase PC literacy – Share proudly your knowledge and experience on various software, including any qualifications you’ve obtained.

Refine Your Resume

Your CV might be the only impression people have of you, so make it count! Here are some tips to consider:

  • Go back to basics – do not underestimate the power of correct grammar usage

  • Ensure your CV has structure and that it flows

  • Avoid using jargon and abbreviations

  • Ensure your CV must reflect your skills and suitability for the role – this can’t be a one size fits all approach

Brush Up on Your Phone Etiquette:

As a job seeker, much of your communication with your temp recruitment agency and employer will initially be done over the phone. Small things like setting up your mobile mailbox correctly can make a big difference to the first impression you make. Other tips include:

  • Ensure you have a professional greeting

  • Adopt a habit of introducing yourself when answering calls

  • Ensure that you respond to voice or text messages as speedily as possible – if not the same day, strive for within 24 hours

  • Remember the call you receive forms a crucial part of your interview and could be the determining factor for the progression of your application.

Working With Beyond Recruitment

As dedicated, experienced recruitment specialists working with temps in corporate support and customer services, we are committed to taking the time to get to know candidates as people. It’s important for us to truly understand the person behind the resume and match them to the best possible role. That’s what makes the difference between job seekers becoming one of three – not one of three hundred.

We always strive to put our temps forward for roles that are going to set them up for success. It might even be something they’d never considered for themselves before. But when you create a relationship based on trust, you both get the most positive outcomes in the end.

If you are in the job market keen to explore fresh career opportunities, get in touch with our team today. We value your connection and look forward to finding your next temp role.​

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