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Hybrid Working – The New Working Era

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It’s certainly an exciting time to be working in the Technology, Transformation & Digital recruitment space. While the industry itself is ever-evolving, we’re also witnessing a momentous shift in the way people work.

Gone are those full-facing office roles, replaced by hybrid working, which allows for a mix of in-office, remote and working from home in various combinations, depending on the role and organisation. In fact, hybrid working has normalised to a point where candidates now expect this to be a part of any role they consider.

In this article, I share why I believe hybrid is the ‘new era of working’, including reasons why candidate priorities and preferences have shifted so dramatically post-pandemic. I’ll also offer some advice for those looking for hybrid technology jobs.

Why Hybrid Working is the New Standard

You could say the tech industry is the pioneer of hybrid working, with many within it recognising its merits and embracing it well before the pandemic hit. COVID-19 simply forced almost all other industries to do the same.

From what I’ve seen, hybrid arrangements are now not only an accepted form of working, but an expected one. New Zealand employers looking for top tech talent are fast understanding their roles must incorporate some form of flexible working, otherwise, they just won’t be considered.

Having spoken to countless candidates looking for new technology jobs, one thing is clear – work/life balance tops their priority list, even over money. And this invariably comes in the form of a hybrid working model, whether it is working at home two or three days each week, or a fortnightly rotation of a week at home and a week at the office.

The Right Industry at the Right Time

If working from home for is your top priority, then the Technology, Transformation & Digital industry is an ideal place to be.

While there’s a bursting pipeline of technology jobs (from internal IT team support roles all the way through to business transformation and Change Managers), most New Zealand companies now recognise the need to provide work flexibility to secure top talent. For instance, we have North Island clients in both the public and private sector open to taking candidates who live in the South Island, especially if they’re willing to fly in once a month or so.

It doesn’t seem like hybrid working affects pay packets either. Whether you’re an IT professional working from home or in the office, our clients are still willing to pay what you’re worth, valuing expertise over location.

My Advice for Securing the Hybrid Role You Covet

From my bird’s eye view of this rapidly evolving new era of work, as well as conversations with clients and candidates, my most important tip to secure a new technology job with the flexibility you need is: don’t go it alone.

Working with a specialist recruiter places you in a much better position to find that right hybrid fit, no matter how that looks for you.

As an example, I’ve recently seen many in the tech industry leaving their jobs due to mental health concerns. The pandemic exposed some raw realities for these tech professionals, driving home how hard they were working and how it was adversely impacting their work/life balance.

It’s a pretty tricky topic to explore with a potential new employer, especially when you’re job hunting solo. But by having that initial honest and confidential discussion with us, we can then translate your requirements in a professional way to our clients, without it impacting your chances of success.

Another bonus of working with a recruiter is our access to inside knowledge. In considering a new role, it’s important to understand all facets including duties, working conditions, culture, management and so on, particularly as these can greatly impact your everyday work experience and happiness in the job. We can give you unparalleled insight into the role and the workplace so you can make the most well-informed decision possible.

As we work on both the client and candidate end, we take the time to get to know both your needs and the ins and outs of the organisation – such as what the direct manager’s work style is like or their openness to different types of flexibility – so you can determine if you’ll align well.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Recruiter Relationship

Finding the right hybrid role comes down to understanding. The more we know about you, the easier it is for us to locate that ideal position.

In our discussions, we want you to be totally honest about what you do and don’t want when it comes to hybrid working. I also advise my candidates to think back to when they first thought about looking for a new role. What was the impetus? This informs the rest of our discussion, helping me see the big picture.

Many candidates also have a misconception that recruitment agencies treat them as commodities, placing them and quickly moving on. While I’m sure there are plenty of sharks out there willing to put you in any job to gain their commission, we don’t see the value in working that way. After all, it’s not in our best interest to burn a candidate connection – it’s very likely that today’s candidate is tomorrow’s client!

Here at Beyond Recruitment, we actively work to develop a trusting and long-term relationship with our candidates and clients, taking the time to understand the entirety of your needs, and seeking out opportunities that will meet them as closely as possible.

If you’re looking for a new hybrid role in the tech sector, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me – I’d love to help you along the journey to landing your dream role!

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