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Laura Halstead
Name: Laura Halstead
Company Position: Recruitment Specialist – Corporate Support & Customer Services (Temporary and Permanent)
Email Address:
Phone Number: +64 21 726 146

Where I’m from: Born and raised in Wellington. 

My professional background: Prior to working at Beyond Recruitment, I worked in the hospitality industry. My passion for customer service and meeting new people provided an opportunity to change industries and bring my existing skills into a new role. Working as a function manager definitely led me in the right direction as I improved my time management skills, patience and communication which are all valuable attributes that apply in recruiting. My new role as a talent solutions specialist will give me the opportunity to advance my existing skills and work in a new environment with an awesome team!   

Why I’m Passionate About my role at Beyond Recruitment: I love the satisfaction of helping people find a new opportunity, or junior candidates given an opportunity in an office based role. The opportunity to meet new people and work in such a fun, supportive team is the best!

What not many people know about me: I worked at a Billionaire’s Wedding in Auckland and served Mary–Kate and Ashley Olsen.

What I love about New Zealand: I love the people aspect of New Zealand; everyone is so welcoming and approachable. I also love how small New Zealand is and the amount there is to explore. Each part of New Zealand has their own feel and different way of living.  

What I love about Beyond Recruitment: I love how supportive everyone is at Beyond Recruitment, and how you are recognised for your hard work and achievements, constantly.  

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