Temp of the Month - July 2016

Auckland – Megan Helmers

Megan Helmers is currently temping with one of our clients on the North Shore and we have received very positive feedback. Megan is reliable, positive and is always prepared to go the extra mile. Megan is a pleasure to work with and always puts our client first. Keep up the great work Megan!

Wellington – Adam Wright

Adam Wright has brought a wealth of knowledge to his team, is always one step ahead of the game and has a great way of dealing with colleagues on all levels. On top of that, he was recently responsible for arranging (off his own back) a “bake off” where staff baked cakes and bought them in to sell. This was to raise money for the victims of the Orlando shooting and with essentially only a day or two to organise, they managed to raise $400! Well done and thank you Adam! Keep up the amazing work.

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